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Eastern Fabrications 

Eastern Fabrications LLC was started as an umbrella for my artistic endeavors, with custom motorcycles at the core. I have spent most of my life on two wheels, whether it be on road or off, motorized or human powered. The bikes I build are an ongoing exploration and progression of my skills as a fabricator, engineer, and artist. I take influence from countless sources, but noteworthy examples are aircraft, firearms, all forms of motor racing, and the work of my peers.
    I pride myself on not building the same motorcycle twice, and always using what I have learned from previous projects to help refine the next. It is extremely important to me to produce motorcycles that are functional transportation first and foremost, art pieces second. Durability and functionality come before following trends and appealing to the latest fads of the industry. I build one bike at at time, using a variety of fabrication techniques including, but not limited to, welding, sheet metal forming, computer and manual machining, casting, metal carving, engine building, leather craft and forging.
     Motorcycles are one of the most tedious, painstaking, and complex vehicles to build. They are subjected to a vast array of stresses, forces, vibrations and conditions. A good builder needs to understand how all these factors can meet in a concise, functional motorcycle. I enjoy trying to create visually appealing machines within these stringent guidelines. An E-Fab motorcycle is an extension of me, and represents several months to several years of my time.