Lock the welder

Another rant

Just saw a billboard for a new Yamaha cruiser, styled like a fucked up chopper, and it got me pissed off. In my opinion, factories should make regular motorcycles, and chopper shops should modify them. I hate it when major manufacturers try to make "factory customs". That is an oxymoron... you cannot be factory and custom at the same time! No one seems to get this. Custom means 1, and only 1, not a "limited edition" or something. If there is more than 1 of the same bike (or anything, for that matter), then it's not custom made-period! People roll into my shop on American Iern Herse  bikes and say they have a chopper- uhh dude, NO YOU DON'T! If you wanted a chopper you would have gone to see one of the hundreds of real custom builders out there. Almost all of my friends are people in this industry and they all can build a real "chopper" or "custom". Dont buy some overseas built fake chop at a dealership - ever! You should be ashamed of supporting a company that outsources manufacturing to india and china yeah, the "m company" does that, so dont think you're on some all american machine. Guys roll up on them and the first thing they talk about is the bad economy! And dont  ever, ever go around saying your riding a custom chopper if it's from a factory. Support small American motorcycle shops that use real american parts. Fuck the factories.