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Indian charging system

OK, heres the scenario: on my bike, the "Speed Fetus", i have a harley knuckle motor with an indian chief transmission. On a harley the charging system is run off the engine case, and on an indian its run off the transmission case. I decided to run the indian charging system because it looked cooler. Usually both harley and indian would run a generator. However, there was a neat little alternator conversion available, so i ran that. The alt or gen on an indian is run by a belt or chain off of the primary drive clutch sprocket. (stay with me here) It all seemed to work great until the battery started to go dead on me. Trouble shooting began. When running alternator is producing correct volts and amps-check. Battery faulty? no. Regulator/rectifyer incorrect? dont think so. I tried to contact Kiwi Indian to ask their opinion, since i bought the trans and primary from them (about a $4000 setup by the way), but the woman who answered the phone was a total cunt and told me that because I purchased the alternator from elsewhere i could not speak to anyone there. Great, the number one indian people in the US wont help me! I pressed on.  My friend Joe said that he though perhaps i was driving the alternator too fast....hmmm, never thought of that. So these pictures are of me attempting to re-gear my alternator. Not sure if it will work. Check it out.