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Japanese midget subs part 2

Ok, so a few days ago I posted about the Midget subs, and how the 5th midget sub, who torpedoed the Arizona had scuttled in the West Loch area of Pearl Harbor. Heres the weird part, all of this was only discovered in 2002. Why? because the sub wasnt where the japs scuttled it. Why not? because it was moved by us... wait, WTF?  Heres the story: On may 21, 1944, well into WWII at this point, there was another major disaster in Pearl Harbor that very few people know about. It was called the "West Loch Disaster". We were getting ready for "Operation Forager", where we planned to invade the Mariana Islands, that Japan had control of. We had several huge amphibious landing craft loaded with tanks and APC's sitting in the West Loch getting ready to go when someone accidentally lit off a mortar round (this is what they think). This lit some other stuff on fire and before they knew it fire had spread to the whole ship, and 4 other ones anchored nearby. They were all loaded with munitions so it was a pretty big fire/explosion. To give you an idea of how big this was, picture this, 200 men got blown apart simultaneously and houses on shore got lit on fire. The explosion was felt all the way back at HQ miles away! Obviously, this incident didn't make us look good, so the powers that be had it classified and cleaned up quickly and quietly. Guess what got scooped up along with the wreckage of landing craft, tanks, and APC's? The Midget sub that was scuttled there 3 years before! It all got dumped outside Pearl Harbor in a deep water dumping ground. That is why for almost 70 years no one could figure out what happened to that jap sub. You couldn't make this stuff up.