Lock the welder

Dragster footpegs

Here is one of the pegs that was on the dragster before. It is just a slippery piece of steel with a tiny, thin tab welder to the frame, which i cut off.

Here is the E-Fab peg assembly. It has an aluminum knurled peg, bolted to a stainless folding mount, then attached to a mounting bung that will get welded to the frame.

Here it is folded. You can see the "shoulder" on the male part of the pivot assembly. This lands on a corresponding flat in the female piece, and makes it impossible to hyperextend the peg. I hate saggy boobs and footpegs.

This side needed a heat shied. I asked Mark, the owner, why he doesnt simply redirect the exhaust away from the riders foot, and he said it is because the force of the nitro-methane's exhaust coming out of the pipe will actually steer the bike to the side if the pipe is aimed that way! wow, ok heat shield it is...