Lock the welder

Dales rant, listen up people

This is from my friend Dale Yamada at Mad Jap Customs. Needless to say he and I have a few things in common!

I do what I do because I love it. It's not for the money. There are other things I can do that could probably make me more money BUT why? Why or better yet who the fuck wants a Joe lunch bucket job? Most people never get the chance to do what they truly love and I never forget that. I have learned not to take myself too seriously, I don't get caught up on who is doing what or what people think. I have also learned that every bike I build and sell is an extension of myself. So I ask questions of people that may be a potential customer and the answers that I get have to satisfy me in knowing that this person will represent me well. Yes, you are only as good as your last build but equally as important is the person riding your build. I just turned down a guy who wanted to buy one of my bikes I built for myself. I knew I made the right call when he got really pissed off. He wanted to take a look at it and sit on it to see if he even liked it. Well, that told me everything I needed to know right then and there! I'm not a fucking dealership that you can come by and test your ass on one of my bikes? People who come to me for a build have their mind made up and are passionate about owning one that's what I'm looking for in a customer. My customers are lifers, this means for every bike I build I am married to for life so long as it is the original owner. I never hesitate to make what ever that customer wants right.  If you can't do that then why are you in the business?? Back your shit up and put your money where your mouth is!!