Lock the welder

Front brakes for swingarm project

Ok, these are some old harley single piston front brake calipers I want to use on my swingarm project bike. My bike has a shaved down 39mm narrow glide on it. These brakes were designed specifically for early wide glide fork legs. Harleys idea was to allow the calipers to slide in and out relative to the brake rotor on metal rods. This was because there is only one piston in the caliper that moves, the other pad is stationary thus the entire caliper has to slide to allow the non-moving pad to retract away from the rotor. So in order to mount these on my new narrow glide I have to machine some weld-on brackets with the sliding mechanism incorperated. here we go...

Got my blocks. 2.5" by 2.5" 6061 aluminim.

In the mill I drilled the holes for the sliding rods. I made them oversized because I need to press in a bushing. The aluminum will be too soft for the slide rods.

Here is what I am going to remove. don't worry, the sharpy lines are just rough guidelines.

Cut out. Now I have to shape the square ends by hand a bit. My goal is to have the entire assembly look as if it were cast as a part of the fork legs, as if it came that way from the factory. This is probably one of those things that no-one will ever notice or care about , but every once in a while, someone will know what they are looking at and go WTF!