Lock the welder

German U boats, intro

I am going to do a few posts about U-Boats. I grew up on the water and have always been into ships and subs. Submarines have always struck me as particularly scary, which is part of what attracts me to them. Modern subs are insane. They are nuclear powered, can dive to over 1000 feet, and stay submerged for months. However, I am going to start with u-boats because they were basically the first truly functional modern war subs. These pics are just a few random ones, but I'll try to break down the different types in the next post, as well as the actual mechanics of them. The men who crewed these machines were hardcore, to say the least. These things were DANGEROUS! They were cold, leaky, mechanically complex, cheaply built, subjected to freezing conditions and huge seas, and, oh yeah, getting shot at and depth charged by the allies whenever they were spotted. Before my next post, you all need to go rent Das Boot, Run Silent Run Deep, and U-571. Consider this homework.