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F 35 Lightning II

So the new fighter we have these days is called the F-35. It has been in development for quite a while now. This plane is no joke- the main feature that sets this one apart from, say, the F22 Raptor, is its STOVL capability. That stands for "short-takeoff vertical landing". Obviously this tech has been around for a while, used in the Harrier "jump jet", but this one is much more refined. While the Harrier needed an extremely skilled pilot to control the aircraft in its vertical takeoff/landing modes, the Lightning has a mind blowing array of computers to help the pilot. In fact, it is said that the aircraft is so sophisticated and counter-intuitive to fly in a hover that without the computer "brain" helping, the pilot would not be able to do it at all. here are a few pics...

Obviously this plane is nothing to fuck with. This thing has so much trick technology in it I could dedicate a year of posting to just it alone. Here are a few more things: the pilot, inside the visor of his helmet, has several features. One is the "glass cockpit". This means that he can look anywhere and the outside is projected to him inside his visor, as if there is no plane around him. Also, there is a full HUD, or "heads up display" projected inside his visor as well. This shows the pilot everything he needs without him having to look down at guages in the cockpit. Oh yeah, it also has voice recognition capability, so he can tell the plane what to do without pulling a trigger or flipping a switch! Here is the helmet:

The plane carries missiles internally to reduce drag and keep a stealthier profile. When the pilot is ready to fire, he gives the command and the hull of the plane opens up, spits the missile out, and then closes back up. Here she is with the doors open:

Dont worry, we havnt fogotton the original turban splitting weapon- the gun. The F35 has a General Dynamics GAU-12 "equalizer" burried inside. This is a rotating barrel 25mm gatling cannon, capable of spitting out 4,200 rounds a minute of armour piercing high explosive rounds. It is more powerfull than the previous version, the "vulcan cannon". I have seen the vulcan up close and to think that this thing is bigger is a little scarry. (the vulcan is about the size of a sea kayak and his holes in the end of the barrel the size of magic markers). here it is being tested (the equalizer):


Ok, Im am going to stop for now but there is more F 35 coming, including more videos, as well as more engine tech (hint- "turboshaft")......