Lock the welder

Generation 4 leaf spring kickstands!

A couple of years ago I realized that there were no good options for weld-on Harley kickstands. The stock HD stand is mechanically awesome, but only seems right if you use the complete forward control system with it. What if you are doing minimalist controls (like I tend to make)? It seems like Matt Hotch, WCC, Exile and the super cheap taiwan knockoffs were the only game in town. Dont get me wrong, the WCC stands are very well made, but they are all a flawed design. Think about it, your bike weighs between 300-600 pounds and you are going to lean it over on a tiny little tab welded to your frame, with a tiny little pivot. How long can you expect that pivot to last? Now factor in that when you kickstart your bike, you are bouncing on it! Well, needless to say, they all break sooner or later, and leave your expensive bike flopped over, sometimes with you on top of it tangled up in the kicker. I find it amazing how many super high-end bikes are posted up on foreign-made rickety kickstands- and they are always fucked up and about to shear off!

Since it is the jarring of the pivot that breaks it (moment when the kickstand hits the ground), I knew I needed to isolate that jarring to make the entire assembly last. The solution is "padding" the landing with a suspension - that's the purpose of the leaf spring. This way the pivot never experiences the jarring effect. Of course I also made the pivot section about 3 times the size of any other out there, and stainless steel, just to be safe! This is the 4th version of this stand. I have been refining them every time, and this latest version differs from the last by incorporating a heavy-duty internal spring, and a black oxide coating on the leaves. The price is $350, which is a steal considering the quality of this thing. Everything from the materials to the hardware to the manufacturing is 100% USA made. No outsourcing to communist sweatshops on my watch. If you want one call me 203 315 9908-  I have 15 on hand now, they will go fast.