Lock the welder

Yesterday sucked, today is good

You may have noticed that I have not posted anything about my hybrid motor bike "icarus" lately. The reason is, for the last 5 months I have been patiently waiting for the custom camshaft to arrive. Out of respect (for now) I will not mention the company's name, but suffice to say it arrived yesterday and it is incorrect. Mind you this is the second cam designer I have dealt with. The first one just stopped returning my emails. Man I must be more of a jerk than I give myself credit for! Fuck it- I have finally decided to do what I should have done in the first place- make it myself. Now I have embarked on many ambitious projects, but a camshaft? This should be good. Lets see... has to open valves...has to do so at precise times....has to be made of hardened tool steel...has to be perfectly true...has to be degree'd with a drive gear... spins at blazing speed in a tumultuous, hot, vibrating environment under extreme load... should be easy. Oh yeah, I will make it with hand tools. Anyway, here is a pic of what I got after 5 months compared to a regular evo cam ("custom" cam on left). Notice anything different? me either. How this would operate a v twin with two Continental heads (similar to two rear harley heads, port wise) is beyond me.

My wrist is healing up, sun is out, shop is clean- today will be a good day! Stay tuned!