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Duas Caras Dual Carb

I saw this bike a few years ago and found it interesting. I love dual carbs. There are so many different ways to make them work on a harley. There is the common "plenum" manifold, like what indian larry did, and I did on "speed fetus" and "scotts bike". There is also a ton of different ways to do 1 carb per head. You can make independent little manifolds that pass by each other (on a normal head configuration), and then each have a carb. Check the Mad Jap link- his knuckle has that setup. Or you can modify your heads with new intake ports aiming wherever you like (my new knuckle is having that). Or you can do two front heads, or two rear heads, probably the hardest way because it requires cam/lifter block/cylinder stud/ modifications. Or you can do it THIS way, by just switching duties of the ports on one of the heads, in this case the rear. In other words, just make the exhaust the intake and vice versa... so cool. Wonder how else to do it?