Lock the welder

Upstate NY

I was on my way back from attending a wedding in upstate NY this weekend. On the way home I saw two things that interested me enough to stop. Ironhead sportster chopper. I am not really into period correct stretched choppers, especially sportsters, but this was hard to miss. It was not for sale- just proudly parked on the owners lawn. He said he got T-boned on it about 5 years ago and finally got it all back together recently...




I also found this little fella. I am quite the connoisseur of roadkill, having driven the e-fab rig all over this country, but this may have set a record for "internal pressure". You see, when a body dies it rots. The rotting creates gas, and the gas fills the body. In extreme heat it's worse. Eventually this little guy will pop, unless some other animal eats through it and bleeds off some pressure. I was a bit concerned that she may have blown at the very moment I approached to take the picture, but I had to risk it.