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Back from Sturgis 2011

Just made it home from another kick ass trip. Where do I begin? AMD's? Giant windmills? Old friends? Idiots on baggers? Matt Olsons knucklehead heaven? wow, lots to post.... For starters, the trip out to Sturgis takes me approx three 14 hour days of driving with my trailer. Luckily, no problems with either my indestructible ford f150 or my trusty trailer. My companion and fellow bike builder friend Leo was the co-pilot. Escaping New England was of course the hardest part, after that it's all flat, corn field-lined highway for over 1000 miles. Upon entering Sturgis we located our vending spot on Lazelle street downtown and set up with dale from Mad Jap Kustoms. I put one of my new bikes, "Daddy go Hard" in the AMD Championships amongst many other amazing machines. Check out www.amdchampionship.com for pics and the results. Needless to say there were some unbelievable machines in there this year, especially the winner. I got to catch up with Satya Kraus, from Kraus Motor Co and Stellan England from SE service, and get the lowdown on their latest bikes.

I also got to do some amazing riding with my friends Scott on the "Flash in the Pan" and John on the "Steel Butterfly", as well as Dale on his "unicorn bike". We went to Devils Tower and Mount Rushmore, and got caught in a torrential hailstorm at one point. It was so bad that 18 wheelers were pulled over on the side of the road as we went by, trying to simultaneously control our bikes and guard our faces from the beating!

On our way home Leo and I made a 6 hour detour to visit our friend Matt Olson and his girl "Bettie Bicycle", and Matts dad Carl. They own "Carls Cycle Supply", which is one of, if not the best knucklehead restoration shops in the world. His collection of running knuckles and parts is legendary, and he was kind enough to let Leo and I ride them into town for a tour.

That is it in a nutshell, but there will be a lot more to come once I figure out how to get the dam pics off my phone! here are a few for now:


me on Matts knuckle...