Lock the welder


Here are a couple of pics from the show. The winner was Tavax Engineering from Japan. I was glad to see a Jap back on top! It was a toss up for me between his bike and Stellans hub center BMW, but I had to vote for this one:

This bike is an amazing example of what can be done with enough time and dedication. It took him 3.5 years to construct this bike. It is all carved and polished aluminum; frame, fork, sheetmetal- everything. The suspension system is a mind blowing series of linkages and pivots- its has to be seen to be believed.

Here was my second choice, the second hub center steering bike from Stellan. This one has an even meaner BMW engine, and a turbocharger. The plumbing and exhaust system on this thing blew my mind. He claimed it made over 230 hp on the dyno at the rear wheel. The tires were balled up right down to the edges from him hammering it on the track- awsome!

Here is what I got from these two bikes: Anything is possible with the right customer and a big budget. I don't know what the actual budgets were for these two bikes, but the clients probably didn't ask how cheap they could get an "old school bobber", if you know what I mean. I know money is tight for everyone in America right now, but consider the old saying "you get what you pay for". These bikes will never go out of style like some cheap ass catalog bike or bagger with a giant front wheel. These are true testaments to the builders skill and vision. These bikes push the boundaries of motorcycle style and design, and will shape the future of this craft. If it sounds like I am jealous of these builders, it is because I am! Please- give me a chance to take my time and build something insane like these guys did. I ave ideas busting out of my head but cannot pursue them without you. Death to weird baggers, "production choppers", handicapper trikes, "old school" crap, etc.