Lock the welder

Back from Jersey and Brooklyn Invitational

This weekend was a busy one for me. First I headed down to the Jersey shore to spend a few days with my friend Mitch from Magoo's Cycles in Bel Mar. There was a pro surfing contest down there and we set up out bikes and trailers right on the beach. On Sat morning I headed into Brooklyn to meet up with my friend Keino and his crew the "White Knights", and set up my bikes for his show. If you have not been to the Brooklyn Invitational, it's a great event. Honestly it is the best event on the east coast right now for real choppers. It is set up like an art gallery with the chosen bikes indoors. Outside on the street there are tons of other bikes lined up down the curb, 95% of them being hand made chops. A big thank you goes out to Keino, Paul, and the rest of the knights for putting on such a great event. I displayed the new knuckle "Knucklegame", "Icarus" and "Daddy go Hard".