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Hellcat 2

More info on this awesome plane... It was armed with 6 browning .50 cal machine guns, 3 in each wing. Some models replaced 2 of the .50's with 2 20mm cannons. It also had the capability of carrying a 150 gallon auxiliary fuel tank under the center fuselage. It could be used up during flight to the target area then dropped to reduce drag, or whenever enemies were encountered and the plane needed more agility. 6 unguided rockets could be fitted, 3 under each wing. It had over 200 pounds of armor around the cockpit and the oil tank and cooler, making it extremely tough. In addition it had self sealing fuel tanks. They were made of a high density rubber that could be pierced, but then spring back to essentially seal the entry point. The hot lead would often times not ignite the fuel surprisingly. Some later versions of the plane supercharged the already powerful r2800 radial engine, with a top (level) speed of 417mph.