Lock the welder

Scooter Havoc

The other day I saw the second half of yet another accident on my street. For some reason the stretch of the road I live on (Short Beach) attracts a ton of car wrecks, this time it was a scooter. The guy will live but he will be in the hospital for a while. Lot of blood, his faced will be fucked for life. Apparently either the scooter guy or the man in the minivan drifted into each others lane, and obviously the minivan won. Ok, here's my point. People think that these 50cc scooters are safer than motorcycles because they have little wheels. They can go 70mph all day! I see them all over CT running with main road traffic. The thing is, you can get them without a motorcycle license so, one of two things happen: 1 you have a girl who's mom thinks it would be cute to get her 18 year old a pink vespa for her birthday, or 2, you have an absolute idiot who gets so many DUI's that he got his license taken permanently, and had to get the bike because its all he can get.

So for once I would actually like the DMV to make a new law about bikes- people with no licenses and teenage rims on their 2 strokes are breaking the law if they are on public roads! This isnt Cambodia... if you ride a motorcycle you ride a real motorcycle, not a dustbuster. They are just too dam easy to ride- they have centrifugal clutches and automatics, and are super light- so idiots just love them. They are akin to jetskies in their idiot appeal.

I understand some people think its more "green" to use one but they are horribly wrong. Its a 2 stroke homie- they emit about 1000 times more chemicals than any car. The whole "size of vehicle equals its pollution" ideology pisses me off too. My friends bagger puts out far less chemicals in an entire day wide open than a 50cc two stroke scooter going 2 blocks to the liquer store. Bigger bikes are generally cleaner- hate to say it!

So fuck scooters, wear some leather, get some training and ride a real motorcycle. These things will kill you- that's my point.