Lock the welder

The Search for More Power

After a few months I have enough time on Icarus to know what needed to be changed. The rear fender developed a small crack so I remade the entire fender from heavier gauge steel, and added a top strap piece. I also decided on a dyno session with the other motorcycle fabricator in branford- Mark Simiola. He (unlike his old shop mate) is an engine expert, and without him it would have taken me a lot longer to make Icarus run. In a week I will have the bike there with Marks array on tools at our disposal. He told me that I should get some 02 sensors to put in my exhaust, so I decided to build a whole new system to accommodate them. The muffler on the original exhaust was a problem too, it worked too well! It was kind of polite and weak sounding. I also had a few new ideas to try, so here it is:

The one on the left is the original. I made that out of 1.5" to 1.625" mild steel, then had it ceramic coated. The new one is on the right, made of 1.625" and 1.75" stainless steel. I have found 321 to be the material to use when doing stainless exhausts because it resists corrosion at high temps better. I also removed the muffler and just have a little open merge now. I think that, despite what it seems like, it will be a decent volume but not annoying, and hopefully make more power. I also have some new advice from the carb expert at Lectron, and some new needles and jets to try. So, in one dyno session, I hope to dial in timing, adjust carbs accordingly, and pulse tune the intake lengths. Stay tuned for an update.