Lock the welder

Back From Japan

I attended the Mooneyes show in Yokohama Japan with Mr Matt Olson, his wife Britney, his Dad Carl, and Ironworks writer Paul Holsworth. It was an amazing trip to say the least. I have tons of pictures but here are a few highlights... The cars were insane. Here is what i saw when I first walked in:

moon charger

This was my favorite bike of the show. Just spoke to me....

moon my fave

A feakin' Pantera:

moon pantera

Matts bike and a Yank racer:

moon matts and yank


moon gasser

Great FXR, bad pic:

moon fxr

Yup, plenty of chargers there:

moon green charger

Hows this for a chopper?

moon wtf purple chop

Umm, this one is way ahead of its time I guess:

moon minivan


moon grey bike

And this was just upstairs..wait until you see the parking lot....stay tuned