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Efab "Gen 5" Leaf-spring Kickstand

This is the first batch of gen 5s. These are the best yet. I have listened to feedback from guys running the gen 4s and taken measures accordingly. Price has gone up $25, but the materials are better. $375 plus shipping. These are weld on. Many people have asked how to weld them to a regular steel frame, and its easy, just use 309 filler rod. It welds the same as regular steel- no special skills required. ef stand closeup


These are designed for kickstart bikes, as a response to typical cheap-shit weld-on stands snapping from the bouncing. Remember, you don't look cool when your stand snaps off and you faceplant into your air cleaner, as your paintjob gets smashed into the pavement! And, of course, there will be people watching when it happens. Get a leafer and never worry again 203 315 9908

ef stand full