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Steerer Tube for Ceriani

Ceriani forks have always been a favorite of mine. However, they were never designed specifically for Harleys. Because I use Harley type necks and bearings on my frames (they are very strong), I have to adapt the fork. The steerer tube is the part of the fork that passes through the neck of the frame, and makes contact with the bearings inside it. I removed the old steerer tube (which luckily for me is bolted in on these forks, rather than integral like some). Now time for a new one. Here's what i started with- a nice solid 2" chunk of round steel.



And after a lot of manual lathe time...



To add to the complexity, I am re-using the Italian steering damper that the fork originally used. It was integrated into the steerer tube, using an adjuster rod and some threaded bits that went through it. What you don't see here is the inside of the tube, which is also machined out, with several key dimensions.

Of course all of this gets buried inside the frame, so it is not seen when the bike is assembled. When people ask the price of my motorcycles, they need to keep in mind that there are dozens of situations like this in every bike. These parts have to be strong, beautiful, and able to be serviced if necessary.  This takes  time, but it is what makes a bike custom made, not custom assembled.