Born in Washington DC in 1979, his family moved to Southport CT in 1983. Living so close to the water, Lock picked up his father’s love of boats and together they built two 20’ boats between 1995 and 1997.

When it was time for post secondary education, Lock attended and later graduated from Lincoln electric TIG welding school, Cleveland OH 1996. From here, he continued his education at Millbrook boarding in school upstate NY with fine art focus. He then went back to Connecticut in 2003 to attend CT College where he received a BA in fine art and minor in art history. He focused on metal sculpture and oil painting, and also began learning the basics of car mechanics in his spare time.
As a self taught engineer, Lock began building motorcycles as Eastern Fabrications in 2004. That business grew when he moved to Los Angeles CA in 2015.

As well as bike building, Lock also forges handmade knives. He taught himself basic heat treatment techniques, basic forging and basic blacksmithing via the internet. His knives have been featured in Guilford (CT) Art Center blade show, curated by Mace Vitale 2014 (future forged in fire winner)

Knives can be found on the Lockhart Knives site.


Lock Baker

Owner, chief fabricator